Some of Our Clients

American Arbitration Association - Allied Pilots Association - Baltimore Police and Fire - Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission - Enzon Pharmaceuticals - Georgeson Shareholder - New York Transit Authority (MTA) - Resources Real Estate - Michael Whalen - Virginia Commonwealth University - Partnership for People with Disabilities - Shubert Theatre Organization

Responsive You Say?

You Bet!  Unlike many other IT consultants, GetAGeek is very responsive to our clients. You need to get things done and we're here to make sure you can. If your systems are acting up or you need another technology solution, we're here to respond quickly. From a single computer to a full enterprise system, we have the team to address the issue.

Hosting / E-Mail

In addition to our core technologies, GetAGeek also provides hosting of Web and/or E-Mail domains for our clients. We offer a redundant hosting facility in New York City and can easily migrate your existing services to our secure systems that utilize the latest in firewall technologies. Let us take over the burden of e-mail account maintenance and web site updates.


Every team member at GetAGeek has a story and a path that led them to this moment. What started them on this path? What was the trigger that led them here?
For me personnally, it was a copy of Popular Science way back around 1980...
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Who We Are

Passionate - Talented - Personable

At our core we are a team of highly-skilled technologists experienced in a wide variety of disciplines. We embrace and encourage the use of technology to make business more efficient and competitive.

What We Do

Our Core Technologies

  • IT and Systems Management
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Custom Programming
  • VOIP Systems / IVR
  • Multimedia Production


What Our Clients Say

  • "Great to work with."

    Jeff Z, American TradeCo, Inc.
  • "Excellent work."

    Tom J, JerSpan Communications
  • "Exceeded expectations."

    Dana Y, Virginia Commonwealth University