The Path

How did we get here?

Every team member at GetAGeek has a story and a path that led them to this moment.
What started them on this path?
What was the trigger that led them here?

For me personnally, it was a copy of Popular Science way back around 1980. I saw an add for a synthesizer that you built yourself. I just had to have it. I guess the reason for wanting it so much was because I loved to take things apart and, much to my parent's dismay, never put them back together. Countless pieces of stereo equipment were always scattered around my basement. Why? Because I wanted to know how they work - a typical engineer. I continued with my interest in electronics through high school and then discovered computers. These were electronic devices that could be programmed to do so many different things. A radio is always a radio. A computer can be so much more and the logic behind how they work came really easy to me.

The computer Bug

I was hooked back then and still am today like most of us here at GetAGeek. That's what makes us "geeky" - a real passion for technology and to be able to witness its rapid evolution, not to mention what lies around the corner, is a real privilege. Smaller, faster, more efficient. You have to really love technology to keep pace — and we do.

The Side Effects of Technology

I recently ran across this quote on Twitter from n33co that really illustrates the impact of technology and computers:

  • "Turned a magazine sideways. Briefly expected its orientation to change. I'm a moron."

A moron? Hardly.
Chris LaRose
GetAGeek, Inc.