Why GetAGeek?

GetAgeek was formed in 1999 by a group of tech-savvy system administrators and developers. Most were disappointed by the lack of quality support available in the market and decided to venture out on their own with the goal to provide exceptional quality and personable service.

GetAGeek hand-picks the members of our team. Those members must exhibit exceptional qualities to be a part of our team. Many applicants have the technical part down very well but lack the skills necessary to not only interface with clients but to really understand their needs and maybe a bit more - what can today's technology do for the client that the client may not have even thought of? We need our team to stay on top of technology and assist in decision making for our clients. They are not in the business of technology. That's our business.

We are responsive where others are not. We return calls. We show up.

We do not endorse particular products for our benefit. We reccomend products based on their suitability to the task or the business model.

We are geeks because we love technology.
Contact us and let's discuss what we can bring to your table.