Can you benefit from VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP as it's often called, can replace your outdated phone system with crystal-clear phone systems that leverage your broadband internet connection. This not only allows for greater flexibility in phone system design but also reduces your telephony costs. The hardware requirements are very small. A single PC in one office can service extensions from several remote locations as if they were right in the office. Employees can even have an extension in their home-office and will sound no different than if they had been in the physical office. This provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.

Talk to us about your current phone system and let us propose a less-expensive, more up to date system with incredible benefits to your organization. All of our systems are based on the Asterisk open telephony platform.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is an automated system providing information services over a telephone. Account inquiries, electronic balloting, and other information disemination are the core of our IVR business.
Our IVR systems handle a substantial number of union balloting for contract ratifications and elections. Other services such as critical messaging or “blasting” to memberships is also accomplished with GetAGeek's IVR systems. A single GetAGeek IVR can accommodate over 200 simultaneous inbound or outbound calls and can be hosted at our facilities or on your premises.

Contact GetAGeek and let's discuss whether an IVR system might be right for your business.

More VOIP Information


IVR technology can streamline a lot of processes that used to rely heavily on manual labor. Some implementations: